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May 2022 Open Day at Minto Gardens Last month we hosted an open day to welcome the community into the grounds of Minto Gardens for the first time: it was a great opportunity for retirees looking to plan a comfortable and community-oriented retirement lifestyle. We had over 100 people in attendance over the day. Those attending got the chance to sit in for a presentation hosted by our wonderful Village Manager, Miriam Williams and learn about our incredible village community. Read More May 2022 Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea “The doctors told me that I had no hope of being cured because my cancer was too advanced. Tumour. Incurable. I was devastated and hopeless. As I lay in my hospital bed questions of life beyond death weighed upon me. Was Jesus physically raised from the dead? How do we know? What if it’s all a big hoax? It‘s one thing living with a delusion but I don’t want to die putting all my hope in that delusion. It was scary to ask such brutally frank questions about my own death but my diagnosis left me no time for soft pedalling or procrastination. This was death and life stuff. There was no point pretending; I had to be sure.” Read More April 2022 The First Easter @ Minto Gardens It’s the first Easter at Minto Gardens. Easter is a season of contrasts: honour and praise followed by a day of deep, dark sadness, followed by joy, hope and light. As we reflect on the meaning of Easter, we remembered the occasion of the very first Easter through various ways. Read More Residents at opening of Byala Cafe in Minto Gardens March 2022 Minto Garden’s New Café – Byala Café Anglicare's Minto Gardens has welcomed it's newest addition to the village, Byala Café. Read More Carols night and wreath making at Minto Gardens January 2022 First Christmas at Minto Gardens It was a blessing to celebrate Christmas with a number of events for our residents in December. Read More Image of Minto Gardens site from drone November 2021 Now Open The wait is over! Anglicare Minto Gardens is now open. Some exciting things are already happening on site. Read More June 2021 Construction update Construction of Minto Gardens is nearing completion despite the Greater Sydney area going into lockdown at the end of June. Read More May 2021 Construction Update May has been a big month for Minto Gardens with major landscaping works and the village roads sealed. Read More