November 2022 Meet Minto Gardens Residents – John & Glenys

John and Glenys recently moved into their brand-new apartment at Anglicare’s Minto Gardens. John told us how happy they were with their decision; “Two days after we moved in, I looked at Glenys and said ‘this is home mate.’”

John grew up in Campsie and spent most of his working life in construction, whilst Glenys was born in England, loved to surf in her younger years and worked as a receptionist before marrying John and later becoming a mother to their two boys.

When John’s health started to deteriorate a few years ago they decided to look into retirement living. They drove past the village as it was being built and decided it was a good time to make the move and enjoy the later years of their lives. Once Minto Gardens was open, they were excited to see that the village had everything they were looking for and pleased to find that the staff were welcoming and listened to them.

Now comfortably settled in their new home, John and Glenys enjoy the coffee shop, the community hub, exercise class and the library. They’re also enjoying the various events held in the village and recently brought their grandson to the Minto Gardens Spring Market, with its wide array of stalls, food and entertainment.

Alongside the easy access to events and activities, one of the highlights for John and Glenys is the time they have to enjoy the smaller moments in life. “We enjoy sitting on our balcony in the sun at 10am in the morning. We’ve never done it in our lives and now we have the time to do it.”

You can learn more about Minto Gardens at or 1300 111 278