November 2021 Meet the team – Miriam and Jo

We sat down and talked with two members of our team who have played an instrumental role in establishing Minto Gardens.

Tell us a bit about yourselves:

M: My name is Miriam and I’m the Manager of Minto Gardens. When this role was presented to me, there were so many good reasons to say yes (as difficult as it was to leave my previous team), and here I am. I am so excited about this role – I know it is going to provide many challenges and joys.

J: My name is Jo (short for Josephine) and I’m one of the Sales Consultants for Minto Gardens. I’ve been working in Aged Care for some 4 years and just love sales and relationship building and doing this for our most precious senior community is such a joy.

How would you describe the purpose of your role?

M: Supporting and empowering the Minto Gardens Village team to provide the very best practical and servant hearted care for each of our residents at Minto Gardens. In addition, extending this care to the wider community, on behalf of Anglicare.



J: For me, it’s helping seniors in and around Minto find the right apartment at Minto Gardens and take the next step in their life’s journey. Seeing them move into such an exciting brand-new Christian community is an amazing personal feeling.

Outside of work, how do you like to spend your time?

M: Reading (the bible, poetry, caselaw and psychological thrillers or well written autobiographies), running, listening to and playing music, and hanging out with my family.

J: Comp tennis, aqua classes, walking, bike riding and reading crime. I couldn’t do some of these activities during lockdown, so I tried improving my pie making skills.

What’s your favourite dessert?

M: The Lemon Delicious my grandmother used to make.

J: A toss up between Sticky date pudding and Pavlova – almost one winter and one summer.

Miriam and Jo, thanks for sharing!