November 2021 Meet the team – Sashi and Shelja

We sat down and talked with two members of our team who have played an instrumental role in establishing Minto Gardens.

Tell us a bit about yourselves:

Sashi: I’ve been privileged to hold TWO roles at Minto Gardens – first as Community Liaison Officer from January to July 2021 and now in an ongoing role as the Parish Village Chaplain. 

Shelja: I’m the Health and Wellness Consultant at Minto Gardens and I’m here to make sure residents receive the assistance they need to live comfortably in their homes.

How would you describe the purpose of your role?

Sashi: I provide pastoral care and spiritual support to our residents, as well as staff. As people retire and have more leisure time, it’s a good time to take stock of where we come from and where we are going and how to do that purposefully – I hope that as chaplain I can help people think through that.

Shelja: As a Health and Wellness Consultant, my role is to support residents to access the appropriate care services available to older Australians. These include help around the home, referrals to physiotherapists, nursing care and podiatrists.



Which people inspire you?

Sashi: Those who make a difference to the community and the world through their words and actions. I am also inspired by those whose life is dedicated to serving others and giving glory/praise back to God.

Shelja: Inspiration can be found from a variety of people, however for me it has truly been my grandmother (Nani). My Nani has always had a smile on her face no matter how deep her troubles are. She keeps her God close and never fears to speak the word in the Bible.

How do you drink your coffee/tea?

Sashi: Coffee, black, no sugar – which means I generally splurge on getting good beans, which is freshly ground just before we make the coffee.  Good coffee sets the tone for the day!

Shelja: A dirty chai is my go-to – I can never decide whether I want a coffee or tea, so have the best of both worlds- with almond milk

Sashi and Shelja, thanks for sharing!