September 2022 Toddlers charm the residents of Minto Gardens

Our residents loved their visit to Bradbury Preschool, thanks to a special invitation to watch a concert performed by the students. A few lucky residents and staff kicked off the day with a cuppa then indulged in plenty of activities with the children like gardening, craft, and swings. They cheered the students during their performances. “We’d love to hang out with those adorable toddlers again” said John. Another resident, Rosa loved the tepee-style reading nook as a creative way to encourage reading.


John  exclaimed, “The entire experience was fantastic. Getting to know the kids, seeing them play and sing. That day was very heart-warming. It brings back memories of my time in school.”


Minto Gardens is delighted to be able to invite the children, their families, and teachers to be our guests, in return, at the upcoming Spring Market on 22nd October.   

Please come along and share in the fun  – Minto Gardens Spring Market – Anglicare Minto