May 2022 Open Day at Minto Gardens

Last month we hosted an open day to welcome the community into the grounds of Minto Gardens for the first time: it was a great opportunity for retirees looking to plan a comfortable and community-oriented retirement lifestyle. We had over 100 people in attendance over the day. Those attending got the chance to sit in for a presentation hosted by our wonderful Village Manager, Miriam Williams and learn about our incredible village community. Miriam cites the highlight of the day as “watching the Anglicare staff and Minto Gardens Community work together to represent all the elements that make Minto Gardens and Porter Lodge such an enjoyable place to live and such a successful village.”

Attendees not only got to meet our friendly staff but also experienced an in-depth tour of the village, had their questions answered in an extensive Q&A session, and discovered what makes Minto Gardens such a fulfilling community to be a part of. Several residents also generously shared some personal stories during the presentation, allowing the audience for a look into our day-to-day community life.

Our attendees got a thorough introduction to Independent Seniors Living, residential care (Porter Lodge) and a range of Anglicare services such as Anglicare at Home. Miriam cites the day as “a micro example of what Anglicare is all about: communities strengthened, customers (residents) served and all of it done in service of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

It was a great opportunity for participants to explore our grounds and community spaces, as well as to hear about our social calendar activities.

Although there was focus on raising the profile of Anglicare in Minto and showcasing the 1, 2 and 2-bedroom plus study retirement living apartments, the overwhelming piece that was celebrated was relationship and community. We enjoyed the opportunity to open our community to the wider public and share with them the vibrant, social and active retirement lifestyle that we offer here at Minto Gardens!